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Founded in 1883, the Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA) is a private, non-profit trade association representing the views and interests of Chilean industry.

SOFOFA has 2,500 corporate affiliates, 36 sector association affiliates, and 8 regional affiliates in Arica, Antofagasta, Valparaíso, Curicó, Talca, Concepción, Malleco-Cautín and Valdivia.

Edificio de la Industria - Sofofa headquarters

SOFOFA members account for 80 percent of Chilean industrial output and 30 percent of GDP. In addition to manufacturers, SOFOFA represents industry sectors from energy, telecommunications, water and sewage, and information technology to port services and air, maritime and rail transport, among others.

The representative nature, political independence, solid principles, businesslike approach and prestige of its leaders have earned the SOFOFA a place among the country's most upstanding institutions.

SOFOFA has spoken for Chilean industry for over a century. Government, political, social and economic leaders give a respectful hearing to SOFOFA views.


Member Associations

Association of Glass, Ceramic and Refractory Products Manufacturers

Association of Exporters

Association of Liquor Producers of Chile

Association of Natural Gas Distributors

Association of Private Security Companies (ASEVA)

Association of Supplier Industries (AGIP)

Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valdivia

Chamber of Production and Commerce of Concepción (CPCC)

Chemical Industry Association of Chile (ASIQUIM)

Chilean Association of Information Technology Enterprises (ACTI)

Chilean Liquefied Gas Association (GLPChile)

Chilean Lumber Corporation (CORMA)

Chilean Mobile Telephony Association (ATELMO)

Cosmetics Industry Chamber of Chile

Dairy Industry Association (ASILAC)

Federation of Food Processing Industries of Chile (FEPACH)

Fisheries Society of Chile (SONAPESCA)

Grain Millers Association

Industrial Association of Antofagasta (AIA)

Industrial Association of Arica (ASINDA)

Industrial Association of Central Chile (ASICENT)

Industrial Association of Curicó

Industrial Association of Malleco-Cautín (ASIMCA)

Industrial Association of Region 5th (ASIVA)

Manufactured Product Exporters Association (Asexma)

Maritime and Ports Chamber of Chile

Metal Products Manufacturers Association (ASIMET)

National Association of Water and Sewage Utilities (ANDESS)

National Prepared Meats Association (ANIC)

Pharmaceutical Association of Chile (ASILFA)

Pharmaceutical Chamber of Chile (CIF)

Plastics Industry Association of Chile (ASIPLA)

Poultry Industry Association (APA)

Print Fabric and Dye Association of Chile

Printing Industry Association

Salmon and Trout Producers Association

Soft Beverages National Association (ANBER)

Tannery Industrial Association of Chile (ASINCURT)

Textile Institute of Chile

Winery Association of Chile

Chilean Logistics Association (ALOG)

Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers (APRIMIN)

Association of Concessionaries for Public Infrastructural Works (COPSA)


Organization and Leadership

SOFOFA is private trade association established October 7, 1883. Ever since it has steadfastly championed free enterprise, private property, market freedom, freedom of pricing and contracting, and foreign trade.

Based on these key principles, SOFOFA lobbies Government and Congress on policy issues concerning the higher interests of the country at large, and by extension, of concern to industry.

SOFOFA is headed by a Board of Governors representing all members. The Board, which meets once a month, sets policy, appoints the Chairman, and nominates individuals to the Steering and Executive Committees, which implement Board resolutions.  
Sofofa's Board of Governors

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the SOFOFA Chairman, two Vice-presidents, and a Secretary General. The Chairman, who represents SOFOFA, is elected to a two-year term of office and may be reelected to a further two-year term.

Executive Committee

The SOFOFA Executive Committee is the leading executive body, in charge of implementing the policy, initiatives and resolutions adopted by the Board of Governors. The Executive Committee's 12 members meet twice a month. Members include the Chairman, the two Vice-presidents, two councilors emeritus, two elected councilors, four membership councilors, and the Secretary General.


Leading SOFOFA Activities

Studies and Industrial Development Area

Chilean Economy 1987-2003 (pdf)

Publishes economic and industrial status reports.

Publishes monthly industrial output, sales, employment and energy use indicators.

Conducts a survey of industrial wages.

Conducts a survey of investment projects.

Publishes a monthly leading economic indicator report.

Publishes export, import, foreign investment and exchange rate information.

Presents the annual Sofofa Award excellence.

Conducts status reviews of key economic issues in Chile and abroad.

Maintains a website ( featuring instant access to Studies Department publications and valuable industrial information.

Methanex industrial complex, 12th Region


Foreign Trade & International Economic Relations Area

-Coordinates and participates in free trade talks, i.e. with the United States, the European Union and Korea.

- Advises exporters on foreign trade issues.

- Conducts statistical and tariff reviews of new markets.

- Advises members on the proper use of export incentives.

- Advises exporters on certificate of origin issues.

San Antonio's port - 5th Region

- Offers Internet-based issuance of Certificates of Origin required for industrial products to benefit from standing trade agreements.

- Organizes seminars and workshops on foreign trade issues, including international negotiations, rules of origin, and incentive mechanisms.

- Represents the views of SOFOFA and the industrial sector in foreign trade policy debates.

-Acts as Technical Secretariat for the Entrepreneurial Advisory Committees (CASE) provided for under standing trade agreements with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and other countries and trading blocs.


- Formulates initiatives designed to improve access to new markets for Chilean-made industrial products.

- Represents member concerns on trade barriers to the Chilean ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, and Finance.


Environmental Management

Provides regular, up-to-date environmental information and orientation to members.

Represents industry views in the discussion of proposed environmental legislation, cleanup programs, rules, regulations, decrees, standards, city plans and other environmental issues impacting industry.

Advises members in their dealings with the Environmental Health Service and the National Commission on the Environment, among other bodies.

Sits on the Advisory Committee of the National Commission on the Environment (CONAMA) and its regional counterparts (COREMA).

Trains members on environmental issues and sends environmental fact-finding missions abroad.

Promotes and takes part in related initiatives of interest to associates, such as recycling and environmental protection drives.

Represents the views of industry before the national and international news media, forums, conferences, roundtables, and other events.

Santiago, capital of Chile

Works with government agencies on issues of interest to industrialists.

Sits on committees reviewing international environmental agreements.


Sofofa Social Responsibility

Implements special programs assisting member employees wishing to become homeowners. To date, these programs have helped deliver 23,000 homes.

Collective low-cost, no co-payment catastrophic illness insurance covering high-cost treatments which most workers may find hard to afford.

Labor Bycicle Race 2001 in front of the Edificio de la Industria

Sports and recreation activities for member employees, including the Labor Bicycle Race, the Industry Bike-a-thon, football and tennis tournaments, and access to the September 18th Industry Stadium.

Works with 162 Municipal Disability Councils countrywide, helping coordinate and support initiatives designed to help train, create jobs for and integrate the disabled into society. Thus far the program has helped create some 1,500 jobs.

Prison inmate job training and opportunities program operated by CORESOL, the SOFOFA Social Rehabilitation Corporation, which includes technical and vocational training provided at correctional centers in Valparaíso, Concepción, and soon in Temuco.

Human Resources Managers' Committee acts as a clearinghouse for knowledge and experience in human resources management and contributes to the analysis and debate of labor issues.

Member employee cultural events, including the Industry Song & Dance Celebration and storytelling and painting competitions for children.


SOFOFA Social Responsibility programs encourage employee involvement in cultural and artistic events.

Training, technical support and credit assistance provided to micro-entrepreneurs through PROPESA, the SOFOFA Small Business Corporation.

Regular support for the social work initiatives of twelve Municipal Industrial Corporations; delivery of all benefits above.


Training and Education -


The OTIC-SOFOFA Intermediate Technical Training Center is a training industry leader with nearly 4,000 associate firms. It offers comprehensive training services to all leading sectors of the Chilean economy, including banking and financial, health insurance, pension fund managers, manufacturers, food producers, air and overland transport, communications, forestry, mining, fisheries, and commerce.

OTIC-SOFOFA has a modern, comprehensive service network based in Santiago with branch offices in Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Curicó, Concepción, Temuco, Puerto Montt, and Punta Arenas. Branch offices are free-standing business units capable of providing direct, customized services to industry.

Assists members in applying to the National Training and Employment Service (SENCE) for the 1% training tax deduction incentive available for businesses.

Offers comprehensive support, personalized service and advanced technology through SOFTLINK software, an on-line training needs management tool helping members implement and monitor employee training plans and programs, thus effectively outsourcing human resource tasks.

Provides supplier mediation, course contracting, discounts, information update, supplier payment and other services.

Operates an Annual Scholarship Program for eligible unskilled workers.

In the field of education, SOFOFA and its six affiliated business and sectoral organizations operate 18 secondary vocational schools with an enrollment of 15,755. These schools train new technicians with a view to meeting demand for skilled labor in industry today.

Entrepreneurs take active part in helping improve worker and technician skills through Business Advisory Councils. These help vocational schools implement projects and define workforce profiles and curricula in line with the needs of today's industry.

The dual education method used includes and supports apprenticeship programs helping prepare students to find jobs after graduation. These programs benefit both students and host companies.


Chilean Safety Association (ACHS) -

Working with both companies and employees, the ACHS is Chile's most comprehensive, efficient private network of occupational health and injury prevention centers, featuring hospitals, clinics and primary care facilities ably dealing with complex workplace injury and occupational health issues.

  Provides comprehensive occupational risk prevention and training courses and complete, up-to-date information on workplace and in-transit accident prevention and occupational health issues.

Conducts new risk research and implements specific programs for all sectors of the economy.

Uses innovative management systems, in line with the needs of an evolving workforce and production methods.

Provides industrial health and safety, preventive health, accident prevention, and risk management services.

Promotes healthy habits and behavior and improves the quality of life of affiliates, most notably through a range of special programs and education campaigns.

The ACHS considers people the most valuable asset a company can have.

Operations are based on a culture of quality in which ongoing staff training, state-of-the-art technology, and definition of processes and standards figure highly.

The ACHS works on the principle of corporate social responsibility, a vision that encompasses respect for ethical values, people, the community, and the environment.


September 18th Compensation Fund -


Provides efficient, personalized safety and benefit services to associate firm employees and their family members.

Manages delivery of statutory and supplemental benefits, including family allowances, subsidies, credit lines, life insurance, and medical, eyeglass and dental plans.

Provides supplementary social and educational benefits, including scholarships, bonuses, and subsidies.

Provides a wide range of educational, health, housing, cultural, sports and recreation services and programs.

Legislative Action Committee (Excerpted from 2001-2002 Annual Report)

The Committee keeps track of the legislative agenda, reviews the status of parliamentary debate of proposed legislation, and researches and submits matters of interest to SOFOFA.

Produces research and studies, and meets regularly with the authorities.

Presents SOFOFA views on proposed legislation to the National Congress and standing Senate and Chamber of Deputies committees.

Holds seminars where labor, tax, and other initiatives of interest are reviewed and discussed.


Legislative Action

Sofofa keeps track of the legislative agenda, reviews the status of parliamentary debate of proposed legislation, and researches and submits matters of interest to Sofofa.

Produces research and studies, and meets regularly with the authorities.

Presents Sofofa views on proposed legislation to fhe National Congress and standing Senate and Chamber of Deputies committees.


Congress of Chile

Holds seminars where labor, tax, and other initiatives of interest are reviewed and discussed.


Information Release, Seminars and Services


Organizes local and regional conference series.


Organizes gatherings of business leaders (e.g., on economic, labor, tax issues)

Organizes seminars and workshops (e.g., on education, foreign trade, micro-enterprises, computer-aided management, energy, telecommunications, and the environment).

Organizes sports and cultural events.

Regional Initiatives

Visits and gatherings:

Arica - Iquique - Antofagasta - Valparaíso - Concepción - Talca - Curicó - Temuco - Punta Arenas

Sofofa Awards

Annual Sofofa Industrial Awards

For complete honor roll, see

The Sofofa Social Responsibility Awards

1998 - Shell Chile
1999 -Coca-Cola Foundation
2000 - Agrosuper
2001 - CCU - CMPC Company Group
2002 - Ernesto Ayala Oliva
2003 - Chilectra S.A.
2004 - J. Riveros SAIC


SOFOFA on-line (

Certificates of origin
Industry job exchange
Industrial Directory of Chile, 2004
Investment project survey

Industry Convention Center

The SOFOFA Industry Convention Center offers well-appointed facilities and leading-edge technology for high-level events such as conferences, seminars, business gatherings, shareholders meetings, training courses, and like events.

Our modern, air-conditioned rooms of versatile design adapt easily to a wide range of user needs. The center can comfortably host from small, six-person board meetings to larger events of up to 350 attendees.

The SOFOFA Convention Center offers state-of-the-art services, including nine rooms with a total floor space of 2,000 m2. All rooms are sound-proofed and feature computer network outlets as well as videoconferencing equipment and comprehensive audiovisual aids support.


Events, Conferences, Seminars

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Informativo de la Industria newsletter

Publications, reports and special studies on economic, business, industrial and labor issues

Industrial Directory of Chile

Guide to Business in Chile

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